A central European country (often mistakem for Slovakia) has become a member of the European Union on 1st May 2004 enabling the foreign costumers (costumers from the EU could purchase properties without any legal obstacles) to invest in country's land and properties. Investements ensure the individuals to enjoy all the advantages of Slovenia's cities and countryside and also to explore neighbouring countries like Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia

Slovenia is beautiful for its diversity, people and position. On a small piece of land one can relax on a beach of the Mediterranean see in the morning, explore caves or mountain-bike in the evening and dine among the vineyards drinking some of the best wines in the world. Distinct seasons offer magnificent possibilities throughout Slovenia. Winters are snowy and if you like winter sports, ski-resorts offer their facilities in Gorenjska region (the highest mountain being 2864m high) and Štajerska region (Pohorje mountain) or you can stay indoors and relax in numerous spas in Dolenjska, Štajerska, Prlekija and Prekmurje region. Springs are green and blossomy with moderate temperatures ideal for biking and hiking. Some farms are opened for tourists to try the local dishes and healthy food. Numerous sports activities are possible in a spring time in Slovenia for example on a small lake in Gajševci in a close proximity to Prlekija's capital - Ljutomer, windsurfing is possible because perfect winds are blowing there and the lake attracts many enthusiasts from all over Europe. Autumn is the richest season in colours and delicious fresh food. Wine is being made from the grapes and it is the time of many private and local festivities. Days are still sunny and warm with gentle breezes. People throughout Slovenia are hospitable and friendly, the title for the best hosts belonging to the people of the North-East region. The hospitability, however, is not the only reason for choosing this part of Slovenia as a starting point for exploring the rest of the country or even Europe. Cheap flights take you to  Ljubljana, Zagreb, Balaton and in the near future hopefuly to Maribor. (first and the last airport are less than 200 km away from Prlekija's capital Ljutomer).

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North - East Slovenia



NE part of Slovenia consists of four regions:

  • Štajerska (Styria) region with its capital city Maribor,
  • Koroška region with a regional center Slovenj Gradec,
  • Prekmurje region with Murska Sobota as its regional centre and
  • Prlekija region with its capital Ljutomer.

This part of Slovenia has been politically and economically inferior to the other parts, but after a few-year-lasting crisis, after the declaration of the independence of the Republic of Slovenia, the NE part of Slovenia is finding its ways and economical opportunities to mach with the rest of the country. In our opinion and in opinion of the majority in the NE part of Slovenia, one of the strongest opportunities and a potential motive for the development is tourism. For that reason many spas have been renovated in the areas where the nature is still close to intact (spa Radenci, spa Banovci, spa Moravske Toplice, spa BIOTERME Mala Nedelja etc.). A lot has been done in the area of country tourism and in improving and enlarging tourist capacities because a rise in foreign visitors has been whitnessed, especially after the spring of 2004 when Slovenia joined the European Union. We belive that the tourist offer in the region will also benefit from the word about the good people and delicious regional food which is yet unknown even in Slovenia with a few exceptions. But it should not be forgotten that the region produces delicious vines that are becoming more and more appreciate around the world. So if you are looking for a place to soothe you and neutralize the consequences of the stressed life, entertain etc., be one of the first to explore the NE part of Slovenia.

A little bit more about Prlekija region for example…

The town Ljutomer (capital town of Prlekija region) is small and friendly and lies 30km away from Austria, Hungary and Croatia. A 2 to 3-hour drive can take you to any place in Slovenia. Neighbouring villages have low population and prices for houses and land are reasonable compared to the other part of Slovenia. In this part of Slovenia it is still possible to find privacy and harmony with nature which has been an inspiration for many artists and in history many royal families has bought the castles in the region for their holiday resorts and used for different purposes. Particular points are belived to have special energy and healing powers and different energizing springs help people tuning in with nature. In short, an excellent place to enjoy and relax.

Main advantages of purchasing estates in the NE part of Slovenia

  • wholness and beauty of nature,
  • friendly and hospitable people,
  • good authentic food,
  • delicious wine,
  • big offer of spas and wellness facilities,
  • possibility of sport activites in the nature,
  • favourable estate prices/rental prices…

The video of NE wine-growing region, Jeruzalem area