Famous Spa village Moravske Toplice

Village Moravske Toplice is one of the most famous Prekmurje (Transmura) Spa villages in Slovenia.

It lies on the flat part of the landscape and near the edge of the hilly landscape, which is protected as Goričko National Park. To the capital of the Prekmurje region called Murska Sobota, the place is about 5 miles away, and the motorway junction is only 5 minutes away by car.

Thermal spas are what makes the place the most popular tourist destination for 50 years. They are always full of bathers who like to bathe in black, healing and refreshing thermal mineral waters, not only in the winter, but also in the summer season due to the sunniest area in the whole country.

The place will simply stunned you with the beautiful plain landscape and slightly hilly landscape called Goričko, with the wonderful Prekmurje cuisine and top-quality white wines.

Due to the exceptional nature, unforgettable views across the endless plain and hills, excellent tourist infrastructure and good people, the place with nearby villages is extremely popular with domestic property buyers, and in the recent years also with international property buyers.