Pomurska, Veržej

47.830 € - 62.390 €


Number of units:

New apartments for sale close to the Spa facility in the Northern part of Slovenia


The construction of the 2 buildings with 4 apartments started at the beginning of April 2018 and it is going to be finished in the autumn 2018. A bit later the construction of the third building with additional 4 apartments will start and will be finished if not in the autumn 2018 then at least in the spring 2019. The project includes the construction of three new developments on a flat building plot not far from the thermal spa in Slovenia, with all necessary infrastructure and mains services. An apartment may be constructed up to either the “third extended construction phase” or the “final” (»keys in hand«) construction phase.



This construction phase includes implementation of the following works:

  • Facility is built and covered with a roof
  • All carpentry and plumbing work completed
  • Facade constructed
  • All windows, doors installed
  • Mains installed but not yet connected (water, electricity, telephone, sewage)
  • Access route paved in front of entrance door
  • Rough levelling of earth in the garden
  • Rainwater drainage installed
  • The interior is not made except perhaps interior walls


  • Completely finished property without furniture!

The following Real Estate Agency has the right to advertise and sell this project:


Prešernova ulica (street) 2



Tel (landline): + 386 2 585 1344

Tel (mobile/cell): + 386 41 760160



skype: nepremicninesv


The project is located in the Pomurje region. The settlement is primarily known for its thermal spa, which is a popular destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. The 1,350 m deep borehole provides water at a temperature of 40–42°C, and supplies three open-air pools and one indoor swimming pool.

The village  is situated on flat land .

There are many other thermal spa facilities in the region. Road communication is excellent: the motorway network is only 5 km away from the village, and the recently modernized electrified railway runs close to this new development, not to mention the major international airports at Graz, Budapest, Ljubljana and Zagreb. To visit the Adriatic coast takes about four hours’ driving.


The project will be built in one of the most beautiful parts village, on a plot overlooking the thermal spa, with the Pomurje plain on one side and the beautiful vineyards and hills in the distance on the other. The land is completely flat and has direct access to all mains services.

From the plot, there is a paved path through the village to the Spa and other facilities. The plot will have a big paved parking space and it will be connected to the paved village road. There are residential houses and farms nearby. The neighborhood is peaceful and tranquil.

The village,  thanks to the Pannonian climate (moderate rainfall, hot summers but only moderately cold winters), enjoys good conditions for agriculture, which employs some 54% of the active population. The rest are mostly employed in nearby Ljutomer and Murska Sobota. In recent years there has been a huge improvement in the service industries, especially hotels and restaurants, and health tourism.


Based on many years of experience and market analysis, we came to the conclusion that, despite the property crisis in the past years, there is still sufficient demand for smaller apartments of 50m2 at a price up to €60,000, built up to the third extended construction phase with the possibility to finish them to the final, “keys in hand” construction phase. Why the demand for constructing property up to the third extended construction phase? An option to purchase the property at this stage allows buyers to finish units themselves, with materials to their taste and in the style they prefer.

What was the reason to invest in this project?

Because the village is not big, there has not been much investment in accommodation in the past, because existing facilities were sufficient to meet demand. The situation is different now, for many reasons, and demand for accomodation near thermal spa facilities is growing daily .


The project comprises three buildings. They will be built as individual constructions designated A, B and D. Each building will include 4 apartments. 2 apartments will be constructed as one bedroom apartments and two as two bedroom apartments. One bedroom apartmnts will have a size of 43,56 m2 and two bedroom apartments will have a size of 49,30m2. Apartments who will be constructed as a ground floor apartments will have an access to a private plot between with a size around 100m2. Apartments constructed on 1st. floor will have a teraces around 10m2 big.Each building will be built in the way that the terrace and balcony will lie on the south side of the project; entrance to each particular property will be on the north side of the building. T


Each building will have a ground floor and a first floor, architectually adapted to the existing buildings in the neighbourhood, so they will not stand out from the standard silhouette of the village. Construction of the buildings will be in a classic (Central European heritage) combination of brick and concrete. More precisely, the buildings will stand on reinforced concrete foundations. The supporting structure will be reinforced concrete with brick masonry on the facades. The floor panels will be made of reinforced concrete, as will the balcony slabs and staircases.

Facades and roofs

The facades will be made using the “demit” facades system, with a 10 cm thickness of polystyrene. The top layer of the facade will have a colored final layer of 1.5 mm granulation. The facades will be in white and brown tones. The insulated metal roof will be supplied and fitted by a respected Slovenian roof manufacturer, and will have a 20 year materials warranty.


Window- and doorframes will be made of PVC, with the inside of the windowframes white and the outside anthracite. All windows will be double-glazed, using the latest technology. Balconies and railings of will be made of stainless steel and toughened glass panels. Ground-level terraces will have no fences and will give directly onto the garden.

Utilities connections

Connections to the low-voltage residential electricity network will be established, as well as connections to the public water supply and sewerage network.

Electrical installations

Each unit will have a separate electricity meter. Distribution cabinets with domestic counters will be installed in a concrete pillar beside the driveway off the main road. An integrated communications system (telephone, internet, TV) will be installed, with buyers to select their own telecom provider. Individual distribution boxes for the telecommunications network for each unit will be installed in a concrete pillar beside the driveway, next to an electricity pole.

Electrical junction boxes with circuit breakers, as well as telecommunications cabinets with optical inlets, will be installed above the entrance door in the hall of every unit. Inlets will then be distributed to the individual telecommunications outlets in each apartment (UTP cable, coaxial cable).

Every apartment will have its own doorbell. All necessary installations for a kitchen and a bathroom will be ready so the owner can then just connect all the appliances. All electrical wiring will be prepared, too, so that switches, lights, etc., may be installed. The same will apply if a new buyer buys a single detached house with an agreement to be built up to the final construction phase.

Apartments will have built-in ceiling lamps in the bathroom and toilet and ceiling or wall lamps on balconies and terraces. 

Hardware Installation

Facilities will be connected to the public water supply through water monitoring stations located in external input wells. If a buyer purchases an apartment with agreement to be built up the final construction phase, the heating and domestic hot water will be regulated centrally in each separate apartment. The water supply for the facility will be carried out in such a way that each unit will have its own remote readable meter (the meters will be installed in outdoor wells).

Flats will not be connected to the gas supply, but will have the option of installing a SPLIT air conditioner. The air conditioner will be installed in the living room, while the external unit will be installed on the outer wall.


Sewage plumbing will be routed vertically and then split into separate horizontal routes into the building, from which they will be connected with the mains sewage network. Rainwater from roofs and water from paved areas will be drained through grit chambers and oil traps, then transported into a rainwater reservoir from which the water will be slowly distributed onto the fields.


The floor plan of the apartments or single detached house are designed functionally, in terms of both space and floor plan/installation of the furniture. Please note that the fittings shown in the commercial sketches or 3D photos is not part of the purchase, except for sanitary fittings in the bathrooms.

All units are equipped with a single-wing burglar- and fireproof door 90 cm wide, fitted with a security cylinder lock. All interior doors are standard single-wing wooden doors in white (other colours can be pre-ordered). Each door will be equipped with a latch and associated lock.

The bathrooms will be finished with large ceramic tiles. They will havea sink with all necessary fittings, a WC with a monoblock flushing system and a shower cubicle with all fittings.

The bathrooms will be equipped with a floor siphon, as well as a 220V/50Hz outlet for a washing machine and an additional outlet near the sink. All rooms (all floor plans) will be finished with large ceramic tiles in light brown and beige (price range about €15/m2 – installation of other materials or higher-quality ceramic tiles negotiable).

Ceramics installed in external surfaces (loggias, balconies and terraces) will be non-slip 30 x 60 cm rectangles tiles.

All walls and ceilings will be plastered and painted. Interior walls will be at least 10 cm thick.

Interior air shafts/ventilation will be installed in the kitchens, toilets and bathrooms. Ceilings will be 2.5m high. Walls and ceilings will be painted whith white undercoat only.


The project landscaping is designed as an area with some grass and shrubs sections and others, like a park. The landscape between the buildings and pathways will be planted with grass; the rest of the plot with trees and shrubs as a monoculture cluster. Each building will have four parking spaces on the northeast side of the property.

Lights on pillars will be installed beside the newly made asphalt road, at the entrance of which there will be a space for bins/containers (each apartment or house will have its own bin/container).


Waste will be collected separately in individual bins/containers, and the authorized concessionaire will regularly collect and take it away to the appropriate municipal dump.


Construction supervision is a key element in the building process, because with it we ensure that construction is carried out in accordance with the project documentation, on the basis of which the planning permit was issued. Quality control ensures quality of construction, while allowing the early discovery/identification of errors in the construction process.

For quality control we have chosen a local constructing engineer expert person who will be in charge of supervising the works for compliance with the schedule and specification.


For an apartment up to the third extended building phase, construction will be finished within nine months after the sales contract is signed!

For an apartment built up to the final construction phase, the construction will be finished within twelve months after the sales contract is signed!

Price list of the units (7)

type type measurement/size m² price € tag
Apartment Single-room 43.56 62,389.60 TPSunset1bNSV Available
Apartment Single-room 43.56 47,829.60 TPSunset1dNSV Available
Apartment Single-room 43.56 51,989.60 TPSunset2bNSV Sold
Apartment Single-room 43.59 47,829.60 TPSunset2dNSV Available
Apartment Single-room 43.59 58,229.00 TPSunset3dNSV Available
2 room
Apartment 2 room 49.30 58,229.60 TPSunset1cNSV Available
Apartment 2 room 49.30 47,829.60 TPSunset2cNSV Available

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